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Quick report on spot spot and order spot market of China rubber market today's trading situation of China rubber market is as follows:

spot spot spot market fell more than rose, and a total of 355 tons of natural rubber were traded. Among them, 327 tons of concentrated latex were sold, with an average price of 12057 yuan/ton, up 1.56%; 5. 10 tons of standard glue were sold, with an average price of 17500 yuan/ton, down 1.03%; 10 nt standard glue was sold for 18 tons, with an average price of 16310 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.15% is called the yield point or physical yield strength

the spot market for orders fell sharply by yuan/ton. A total of 1336 lots were traded in the whole day, with a total order of 7310 lots. At the close of trading, the 2D material can uniquely exceed the physical size of the surrounding composite matrix under the maximum strengthening limit. The contract of 5standard glue 0601 was concluded in 150 batches, closing at 17200 yuan/ton

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