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New business card of Intelligent Manufacturing in China in the future: driverless car processing in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province last December, baidu driverless cars appeared at the second world Internet Conference. Wang Jin, senior vice president of Baidu and general manager of the autonomous driving business unit, introduced that the core technology of Baidu driverless cars is "Baidu car brain", including four modules: high-precision maps, design perception of fair positioning, and intelligent decision-making and control. The high-precision map independently collected and produced by Baidu records complete three-dimensional road information, and can realize vehicle positioning with centimeter accuracy

with the promotion of "Internet +", the integration of various industries with Internet is gradually accelerating. What kind of surprise will the traditional automobile industry bring by embracing "Internet +?"? According to the prediction of Lideyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chairman of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles will become new terminal equipment after the Internet era

Internet + car: the rise of driverless cars

the highest level of driverless is the fully automatic driverless technology. Linyuanqing, director of Baidu deep learning laboratory and deputy general manager of the autonomous driving business unit, introduced that Baidu's unmanned vehicles can achieve high-precision vehicle detection and identification, tracking, distance and speed estimation, road segmentation, lane line detection, use artificial intelligence to determine the optimal driving route, and fully realize fully automatic driving without manual intervention. "In the next three years, demonstration areas will be divided in ten cities across the country and commercial driverless cars will be officially launched." Linyuanqing said

driverless driving realizes "overtaking in corners" of Chinese technology.

as early as 2012, the United States issued license plates for driverless cars to allow them to test on the road. Driverless cars in China started later than those in foreign countries, but it is not a dream to realize the "overtaking in corners" of driverless cars in foreign countries

"whether it is new energy, artificial intelligence or sharing economy mode, today we are on the same starting line as foreign car manufacturers." Wang Jin said that Baidu has accumulated technology in computer vision, high-precision mapping and positioning, multi-sensor fusion, intelligent decision-making and planning, and Baidu itself is an Internet map service provider, with leading road data collection and development capabilities in China. Based on these advantages, Wang Jin believes that in the scene of autonomous driving and driverless vehicles or within the scope of gbt8363 ⑴ 987 ferrite steel drop weight tear test method, driverless driving in China will certainly develop faster than that in foreign countries

at present, driverless vehicles are still on the road without a license in China. Because there is no driver in the strict sense, the identification of traffic still needs certification. In this regard, Lideyi pointed out that the ethical issues and traffic regulations modification brought about by driverless vehicles will not affect the quality identification of intelligent vehicles and the identification of accidents during driving. In general, they still belong to the manufacturer and the vehicle owner respectively, so this change is not difficult

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