Screen tanto6120 split external drum laser Phototy

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Screen tanto6120 split external drum laser Imagesetter

tanto6120 split external drum laser Imagesetter has a maximum output format of 1120mmx810mm, exposing a whole split film for less than 2 minutes at 2400dpi resolution. The light source of the machine is a high-power 120 channel LED array with a maximum resolution of 4. The capacity of lithium battery copper foil has the characteristics of long construction cycle, special equipment, large investment and high environmental protection pressure 000dp. the repetition accuracy is ± 5. It has a good performance price ratio m in similar models. It can expose film paper base or polyester version, and can be equipped with an optional machine connected developer. It is one of the first batch of units implementing the standards of the national integration of industrialization and industrialization system and the first batch of national green intelligent factory demonstration enterprises

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