Screen printing trends in Asia Pacific countries

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Silk printing trends in Asia Pacific countries Thailand's economic situation has begun to come out of the trough, everything is recovering, and the silk printing brush industry is also actively looking for new improvement and diversification. Mr. chenbingkui is still the president of the Thai silk printing association, and he was re elected as the president of the Federation of all printing associations in Thailand

like other Asian countries, the economy of South Korea is slowly recovering and improving. On april22,1999, some members of the Japan machinery manufacturing and Suppliers Association visited South Korea, hoping to establish further business cooperation between the two countries. The Korean silk printing association met with Japanese representatives and achieved successful results

Indonesia Indonesia is still in a state of economic recession and political instability. Before the crisis, India had developed for 10 years. At the beginning of 1999, Indonesia's silk screen printing brush industry has quickly adapted to the current economic recession. Some factories are still able to provide cooperation, while the situation of textile silk printing is deteriorating and the GDP is declining. Wall and floor tiles and relative removal methods: ceramic wire printing business has improved

although the Japanese government believes that the Japanese economy has begun to come out of the trough, the grim situation continues, including the silk printing industry. Through the development of ink technology and printing technology, new materials can be recycled. JSpA has established a member homepage on the Internet to provide effective information and expand demand

the Filipino silk screen printing brush industry is usually associated with the entire printing industry. It can be said that there are about registered units in the country, including silk printing units. The synchronous technology of standard oil cylinder also costs 500000 people to work in the printing industry. For silk printing, the demand for advertisements, T-Shirts, hats, flags, banners and self-adhesive labels has greatly increased, which makes the competition more intense. The Philippine printing association should increase public awareness of silk printing and strengthen information campaigns


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