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New business card of international capacity cooperation new products of Zoomlion joint venture are offline in Belarus new business card of international capacity cooperation new products of Zoomlion joint venture are offline in Belarus recently, the first 25 ton truck crane of Zoomlion maz joint venture, a new product of Zoomlion maz joint venture in Belarus, was successfully offline in maz factory in Belarus. The successful offline of the equipment marks another breakthrough in the product research and development of zoomlion-maz joint venture, providing another fist product for the development of the joint venture in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, and also marks another stage achievement of Zoomlion in the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

Zoomlion 25t truck crane was offline in Belarus

it is reported that this 25t truck crane is the second batch of offline products of Zoomlion maz joint venture. The first batch of off-line products include 40 ton truck crane, 60 ton truck crane and 16 ton sanitation sweeper. In addition to feeding back the supervision and spot check results to the publishing unit and local competent departments in February, they were off-line in the maz factory in Belarus at the end of 2015

a year later, the zoomlion-maz joint venture launched new products again. Mr. Yuri pivovarov, general manager of the joint venture, was very pleased with the efficient cooperation between the two sides, He spoke highly of the product: "this product is one of the excellent achievements of cooperation between the two countries under the framework of the 'the Belt and Road'. This 25 ton truck crane combines the excellent top loading design gene of Zoomlion and is a perfect integration of the technologies of enterprises of the two countries. At the same time, this equipment is more localized and more in line with local laws and regulations and customer use needs."

the 25t truck crane of Zoomlion maz joint venture appeared at the international exhibition

it is understood that the truck crane was jointly developed by the teams of Zoomlion and Belarus maz company. The top coat was manufactured by Zoomlion and the chassis was manufactured by maz company. In 2015, driven by the China Belarus Industrial Park project, Zoomlion and maz group, an old Belarusian manufacturer, began to carry out cooperation that may not be environmentally friendly. In August 2016, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, formed a zoomlion-maz working group, carried out joint venture preparation and product improvement, and signed a comprehensive cooperation memorandum with the Belarusian Ministry of industry. After that, Zoomlion-maz joint venture is registered and established in mojiliov special economic zone

the relevant technical director of Zoomlion said: "which of the two is better? Many buyers are asking this question. As one of the largest products in the Eastern European market, our teams are full of confidence that this product will become a strategic product for the future development of zoomlion-maz joint venture."

25 ton truck crane has won the attention of customers in Eastern Europe.

25 ton truck crane combines the advanced crane loading technology of Zoomlion and the advanced chassis technology of maz company. The most important feature of this product is not only its powerful lifting performance, but also that the vehicle weight and axle load fully meet the requirements of road regulations in the local market, breaking through the bottleneck of the original product weight and axle load overweight, and truly meeting the market access of the product

Zoomlion and maz employees are assembling products

the products were widely reported by local media in Belarus during the assembly period. Belarusian National Radio 1, National Radio 2 and Belarusian national comprehensive station reported the actual assembly of the products in real time, which attracted wide attention in Belarus. Belarusian media reported that this is another epitome of the continuous promotion of international production capacity cooperation under the "the Belt and Road" China Belarus Industrial Park project

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