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In 2018, the expected value-added of industries above designated size is expected to increase by about 6%

the national industry and information work conference held on December 25 predicted that in 2017, the value-added of industries above Designated Size will increase by about 6.5%, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value will decrease by about 4%, the income of software and information technology services will increase by 14%, the total amount of telecommunications services will increase by 69%, and the income of the Internet industry will increase by 40%. The meeting proposed that in 2018, the use of deicing salts in these places will lead to premature aging of bridges. The goal is that the added value of industries above Designated Size will increase by about 6%, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value of Enterprises above Designated Size will decrease by 4%, and the water consumption per unit of industrial added value will decrease by 4.5%; The total volume of telecommunications business, the income of the Internet industry, software and information technology services increased by about 50%, 30% and 13% respectively

the meeting required to focus on eight aspects: first, adhere to innovation driven development and deeply implement made in China 2025. Solidly promote the construction of manufacturing innovation centers, and select about 3 provincial centers with mature conditions to upgrade to national centers. We will deepen the implementation of projects to strengthen the industrial base and concentrate on solving about 50 key bottlenecks, including power battery systems. Implement the new material industry 2018 discount project. Accelerate the development of major equipment, carry out the demonstration and application of rare earth element numerical control machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment with high addition of tens of thousands or tens of millions of parts, of which FH is the upper limit frequency system component, and steadily promote the development of C919 large passenger aircraft. Promote the establishment of the made in China 2025 Industrial Development Fund. Create a high standard made in China 2025 national demonstration zone, and pay close attention to planning the cultivation of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters

second, coordinate development, management and security, and comprehensively promote the construction of a network power. Carry out the three-year action to build a strong network country. We will continue to improve the supply capacity of information infrastructure, intensify efforts to increase network speed and reduce fees, and accelerate the popularization of 100m broadband. We will do a solid job in the pilot of universal telecommunications services, and comprehensively complete the construction, upgrading and transformation of optical fiber broadband in 130000 administrative villages. We will do a good job in major scientific and technological projects such as nuclear high-tech, new generation mobile communication networks, and make solid progress in 5g R & D and application, industrial chain maturity, and security support. Carry out volte number carrying technology test and implement IPv6 scale deployment action plan. We will further prevent and crack down on communication and information fraud. Formulate guidance documents for promoting the development of network safety industry. We will strengthen radio frequency planning and maintain radio order

third, promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and manufacturing, and develop and expand the digital economy. We will deepen the implementation of the innovative development strategy for industrial interconnection, carry out the 323 action plan for industrial interconnection development, implement the three-year action plan for industrial interconnection, formulate and issue guidelines for the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platforms, and implement the project to improve the safety protection of industrial interconnection. We will deepen the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects and select about 100 pilot demonstration projects. We will implement a special initiative for manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship, and support a number of manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration platforms. We will promote the issuance of guiding documents to promote the development of the digital economy and implement the three-year action plan to promote the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. Accelerate the development of car service and intelligent car service. Implement core fire innovation plan and software soul casting project. Promote the construction of pilot demonstration projects for the development of big data industry

fourth, focus on improving quality and increasing benefits, and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries

Fifth, give play to the effective role of consumption and investment to promote the steady growth of industrial economy

Sixth, build an advanced national defense science, technology and industry system with Chinese characteristics and promote the in-depth development of military civilian integration

seventh, deepen the reform and opening up and create a good environment for industrial development

eighth, promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of strictly administering the party, and provide a strong guarantee for the construction of a manufacturing power and a networking power

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