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The Expo is coming. Shanghai chemical enterprises have to avoid it for more than a month. The 2010 Shanghai Expo will be officially opened. At the same time, the regulations and measures of relevant departments on safety and environmental protection are becoming more and more strict. In this process, the pressure on chemical enterprises began to increase. According to Beijing's practice of hosting the Olympic Games, from now on, Shanghai chemical enterprises will temporarily avoid it

scope of safety and environmental protection:

the "pollution control circle" with a radius of 300 kilometers

all the "control area" with a radius of 500 meters entering Shanghai

all the wharves


on March 21, Zhang Quan, director of Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said that in order to ensure the environmental quality, especially the air quality, during the Expo, the Yangtze River Delta regional linkage mechanism would be introduced. At present, a 300 kilometer radius area with the Expo Park as the core has been designated as the "pollution control circle" to strictly control the discharge of pollutants

Zhang Quan said that during the Expo, the air quality monitoring introduced three levels of linkage: the first level is that there are monitoring points inside the Expo Park to monitor the air quality in the park in real time; The second level is that there is a monitoring system consisting of more than 40 monitoring stations in Shanghai, and monitoring stations are set up in key enterprises to monitor enterprise emissions around the clock; The third level is the cooperation between two provinces and one city (Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu) in the Yangtze River Delta to form a "pollution control circle" with the Expo Park as the core and a radius of 300 kilometers. It monitors the important enterprises in the circle and takes measures at any time. According to Zhang Quan, it is necessary to focus on monitoring the key emission enterprises in the "pollution control circle", such as chemical industry, power generation, steel and building materials, and strengthen the optimal operation of these enterprises

with the opening of the WorldExpo approaching, the transportation safety control in Shanghai and its surrounding areas has also been in full swing. It is reported that the retail operation and storage of hazardous chemicals are prohibited in the controlled area within 500 meters around the Expo site, except for gas filling stations and gas stations, and the use of highly toxic and explosive chemicals is strictly restricted. At the same time, relevant departments closely monitor all links of hazardous chemicals from production, transportation to use

On March 5, the office of the work safety committee of the State Council held an inter provincial joint meeting on road transport safety supervision of hazardous chemicals between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. At the meeting, the joint control agreement on road transport safety supervision of hazardous chemicals between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai during the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo was signed. According to the agreement, from April 5 to November 15, all dangerous chemical transport vehicles entering Shanghai must be equipped with GPS positioning system; Vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals into and out of Shanghai also need to have a "special pass for Shanghai WorldExpo crossing"; Except for the designated crossings for the entry and exit of hazardous chemicals into and out of Shanghai agreed by the public security departments of two provinces and one city, other crossings and 97 unknown crossings into Shanghai are prohibited from the passage of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles

it is reported that the safety supervision department will also urge Sinopec Shanghai company, PetroChina Shanghai company and other units to complete the installation of barrier explosion-proof devices for the remaining 16 refueling and gas stations by the end of March. In addition, the relevant departments will strictly control the retail filling and sales of finished oil in gas stations. If it is necessary to retail fill finished oil, it must be carried out with the purchase certificate, and the real name registration and flow registration system must be implemented

besides land, the safety management on water is also very strict

the maritime safety administration of the Ministry of transport recently released the water traffic control plan for the WorldExpo in Shanghai. During the WorldExpo, Shanghai will set up a water traffic control and emergency command center, and strictly implement measures such as water area division, vessel access, total amount control, operation restrictions, pollution prohibition of passenger ships, escort of dangerous goods, etc. The maritime department and the public security department also specifically stipulate that during the Expo, all dangerous chemical vessels must be escorted by security guards arranged by the water Public Security Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, and pass through the core control area of the Huangpu River under the escort of maritime patrol boats. The dangerous chemical vessels docked at Shanghai port will be subject to total quantity control and operation time limit

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of communications and ports also announced the safety control plan for passenger and freight terminals during the Expo. Among them, passenger transport, dangerous goods transportation and foreign-related terminals will be monitored through image. All ports in Shanghai will basically prohibit the entry of dangerous chemicals. According to regulations of relevant departments, from April 30 to October 31, 2010, except Yangshan port area, Shanghai port in principle prohibits port operations of explosives, organic peroxides, highly toxic substances, radioactive substances, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and other dangerous goods. When it is really necessary to export fireworks and firecrackers in Waigaoqiao port area, the "one ship one report" shall be implemented

response of chemical enterprises:

transformation of surrounding gas stations and gas stations

strict plant security inspection

repeated drill plan

shutdown of production units

relocation and shutdown


Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are the largest chemical production and distribution centers in China. Under the strict safety and environmental protection regulations before the Expo, the production and transportation of many chemical enterprises have been affected to a certain extent. Chemical enterprises have generally strengthened safety monitoring

with the approaching of the WorldExpo, PetroChina enterprises in Shanghai have actively strengthened the construction of software and hardware. In addition to the special transformation of the six designated gas stations for Expo vehicles adjacent to the Expo Park, they have also carried out the overall transformation of the gas stations around the Expo Park and in key areas, such as oil and gas recovery, barrier and explosion prevention, image packaging, etc. The company is also accelerating the oil and gas recovery project of 115 gas stations and the system transformation project of 44 urban gas stations of Shanghai sales company. The storage and transportation workshop of the Ministry of chemical industry of Shanghai Petrochemical further took strict measures against the operation characteristics of the chemical product filling station, which is the key control area of the company. During the safety inspection of the tank car before filling, if it is found that the service life of the on-board fire extinguisher has expired, it shall be required to rectify. The workshop also strengthened the management of electrostatic grounding. The company also plans to hold anti-terrorism drills for the Expo at the filling station. The staff of the company said: "we should improve our awareness of prevention and anti-terrorism skills, and take practical actions to ensure the smooth holding of the WorldExpo."

a few days ago, when the inspection vehicle of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress drove to BASF Chemical Co., Ltd., it was "shut down": the railings at the gate of the company were across, and the staff did not come up as usual, but several security guards came forward to carry out explosion-proof "security inspection" for the vehicle. The company will not open the door until the "flame arrester" is installed on each vehicle. BASF's security move left a deep impression on the law enforcement inspection team of the Municipal People's Congress

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is an area with a high concentration of petrochemical enterprises. There are 20 enterprises involving major hazard sources and 52 major hazard sources. The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of the chemical industry park said: "we regard the tye ⑴ 00, tye ⑶ 00 and tye ⑷ 00 initially produced by the plant as the most stringent management for hydraulic loading, pendulum force measurement and semi open structure, so as to create the safest park." It is reported that the chemical industry park has fully implemented various safety precautions for the Expo. Including the strict implementation of various control measures for highly toxic chemicals, civil explosives, and explosive prone hazardous substances during the Expo; Officially start the safety risk assessment of the park, focus on the scientific and systematic demonstration of the interaction of 52 major hazard sources in the park, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions to deal with various adverse situations; Two special plans, phosgene leakage accident emergency plan and liquid chlorine leakage accident emergency plan, were added

not only the chemical enterprises located in Shanghai, but also the enterprises in the surrounding areas of Shanghai are nervous because of the Expo

in July last year, Hantai tire company in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province invested 14.5 million yuan to build a concentrated heat storage catalytic combustion exhaust gas collection and treatment system. With this set of equipment put into use, the treatment rate of the company's tire exhaust gas treatment project has been increased from 30% to 90%, and the VOC (volatile organic compounds) in tire exhaust gas has been significantly reduced. Last year, the company also invested more than 8million yuan to stop using boilers, reducing nearly 400 tons of sulfur dioxide a year. The company has also established an air monitoring system to monitor the air quality. The environmental protection department can conduct real-time monitoring through the network

in order to ensure the safety and stability of port facilities during the Shanghai WorldExpo, on March 11 this year, the Chemical Wharf of Changchun Chemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. held a targeted security training for port facilities. The external repair personnel who trained the simulated ship to contact attempted to bring the explosive device onto the ship to Shanghai port for damage. In this regard, Changchun chemical company quickly implemented various security measures in accordance with the security plan and successfully handled the security incident. The whole training process was skilled, with standardized passwords, smooth connection and tacit cooperation, and achieved the expected purpose

even so, according to the spirit of the Shanghai Work Conference on energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change held in early March, in order to achieve the goal of controlling the emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand within 380000 tons and 259000 tons respectively, Shanghai will intensify the adjustment of hazardous chemical production and sporadic chemical enterprises this year, and is expected to shut down 50 hazardous chemical production, storage and use enterprises. Many chemical enterprises will shut down their production facilities, relocate or even stop production during the Expo. Take Shanghai Huayi (Group) Co., Ltd. as an example. By the end of last year, the company had shut down nearly 30 sets of high energy consumption devices such as coke ovens, synthetic ammonia and caustic soda, saving more than 700000 tons of standard coal a year and significantly reducing pollution emissions. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, before this year's WorldExpo, all production units of Huayi chemical within the outer ring road will also be relocated, mainly in Wujing base

in fact, in order to welcome the WorldExpo, Shanghai has shut down and relocated the production facilities of hundreds of chemical enterprises in the surrounding areas of the Expo Park, within the central ring road and in the middle and upper reaches of the Huangpu River. In Jiaxing, Zhejiang, which is adjacent to Shanghai, 20 polluting enterprises have been closed down and relocated last year, 9 are being relocated, and 70 have stopped production for remediation or treatment within a time limit. A considerable part of them are also chemical enterprises

all parties actively echoed:

Zhejiang Province governs the source of pollution

foreign investors strive to be environmental protection sponsors

excellent enterprises come to invest


Zhang Ye, a researcher from the pollution control division of the environmental protection department of Zhejiang Province, said that Shanghai will take the Expo venues as the center to implement comprehensive treatment of air pollution sources in the chemical, steel and other industries within a radius of 300 kilometers, High pollution enterprises or production lines within this range should take measures such as limiting production and pollution and reducing production load. Compared with this 300 km range, Zhejiang Province is within this range except Wenzhou, Lishui and Quzhou. The requirements put forward by Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Department to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces include determining the emission list of pollutants from elevated sources, pollution control of key industries, etc. According to the requirements of Shanghai, the rubber industry in Taizhou, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry in Shaoxing and Taizhou, and the steel and non-ferrous metal industry in Hangzhou and Ningbo are the sources that Zhejiang needs to focus on monitoring. Last year, Jiaxing City closed down and relocated some seriously polluting enterprises

to ensure air quality, the quality of oil used in vehicles should also be improved. Zhang Ye said that there is still potential to be tapped in this regard. At present, some petrochemical enterprises are recovering oil and gas from gas stations. The oil and gas recovery of gas stations has been carried out for some time in China, but it has not been launched in all gas stations along the expressway in the Yangtze River Delta. Although the amount of oil and gas is small, the air pollution is more serious than that after combustion, andThe first three shield construction projects of China Railway 13th Bureau have been successfully completed
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