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With the help of Lanling, star Ruijie realizes the improvement of integration and application

recently, good news came from Lanling Beijing, but there was still one furnace of raw material branch in the plant, And the origin of Fujian Xingrui Jietong strain curve (if the tensile load deforms, the tensile secant elastic modulus: tensile stress zl.5, a two board machine clamping device, has officially signed a cooperation agreement. Lanling knowledge management products will be fully applied to xingruijie to help it optimize its enterprise management process and improve its enterprise informatization application level.

Fujian xingruijie Communication Co., Ltd. is a leading network communication equipment, network terminals, video products, informatization software, etc. in China Comprehensive solution suppliers, as well as information software and system integration service providers, have always adhered to the business philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation and integrated application" for many years, adhered to independent research and development and industrial application as the basis, and committed to the development of China's information industry

based on its strong independent innovation ability and deep understanding of industry demand, star Ruijie has achieved leapfrog development in related product fields, and can provide users with the most thoughtful application solutions in education, telecommunications, finance, postal service, government, enterprise, medical treatment, military, transportation and other information construction fields

as a well-known enterprise in China's IT market, star Ruijie has been successively inspected and guided by Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin and Zeng Qinghong. It has been rated as an excellent high-tech enterprise, the largest top 100 enterprises in China's software industry, China's top 100 e-government IT enterprises, China's most potential growth IT enterprises, China's top 50 telecom enterprises and other honorary titles by the government and authoritative media for many times

as a leading knowledge management expert in China, Lanling has already had successful customers and implementation experience in many industries. It is believed that this cooperation will further strengthen the enterprise management of xingruijie, establish a unified enterprise information management platform, achieve the improvement of integrated applications, and inject new vitality into the development of xingruijie

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