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John Deere: we have been on the road all the time. John Deere: we have been on the road all the time. In the spring of the recovery of all things, John Deere welcomed three powerful agents to join. The sales volume of excavators and loaders this year has more than doubled that of the same period last year. In order to provide customers with products with proper grounding and quality assurance when the experimental machine should be properly grounded, our factory production line is fully open, and we have formulated a series of policies to support peak season sales and other policies that meet customers' purchase needs

in August 2015, Deere's leadership and technical team in Yunnan made a customer care trip

the Chinese market has passed the trough and is recovering strongly. Sometimes, in order to reduce the weight, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals are also adopted for recovery. Many businesses, industries and mines are in full swing. It is the engine independently developed by Deere, excellent hydraulic system and many excellent comprehensive strength performances that have won the trust of these bosses. After tasting the good quality and service of Deere's products, many of Deere's old customers have purchased a number of Deere equipment under the growing business demand. For example, in February this year, a boss Li in Guizhou purchased 6 e360lc at one time. In early March, a boss Li in Sichuan also purchased an e360lc. This is the sixth Deere construction machinery he has purchased in two years. In addition, not long ago, Lang Yun, general manager of Deere sales and marketing department, also personally delivered six wl53 loaders to a customer of another boss Yin in Sichuan. At the same time, Deere's financing company also provides customers with the most intimate financing services, which makes customers feel intimate, reassured and at ease

in March, 2017, Deere team paid a return visit to customers in Sichuan Province.

John Deere construction machinery is constantly providing customers with high-quality products and listening to customers' wishes at all times. Because Deere people believe that we can only do better if we understand what customers think. Two years ago, the leadership team of Deere engineering machinery and the technical team of engineers visited our customers for the first time. In each quarter after that, Deere team always maintained a return visit to customers. After each customer visit, the leadership team will sort out, study and discuss the collected customer feedback, and respond to the customer's questions at the first time

the delivery ceremony of six loaders in Sichuan Province in April 2017

mentioned by Jiang Liang, director of John Deere construction machinery factory, "We have learned a lot from the visits of dealers and customers. These visits help us understand the problems encountered by customers, always pay attention to them and provide immediate feedback. The smile of customer satisfaction is also a powerful driving force for our continuous progress. As Brian Rauch, global vice president of construction machinery, said," everyone in construction machinery knows that quality is both a king and a queen. "

John Deere always adheres to the customer service concept of "listening to the heart, practicing in practice", and through serious communication and continuous efforts, provides customers with better products and services, so as to fully display the style of "strong deer" in the life cycle of North American aluminum in China


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