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On September 28, with the theme of optical fiber bearing technology and intelligence changing life, Weisheng group, together with its smart meters, acquisition terminals, power distribution systems, power quality monitoring equipment, as well as the new generation of optical fiber smart meters, digital energy meters, fault indicators, electric vehicle charging piles and other new products, appeared in the 2011 smart electricity International Forum and exhibition. As the only non-national company in China, Weisheng group was invited to make a speech at the intelligent power consumption sub forum. Mr. Yang Wu, general manager of terminal and intelligent power distribution business department, delivered the English theme speech of "design scheme of an all fiber power consumption information acquisition system" on behalf of Weisheng at the Forum. The design scheme paper was published in the proceedings of the conference as a new technology direction

as the pioneer of China's digital energy measurement industry and a leading expert in energy measurement and energy efficiency management, Weisheng group has been actively supporting and actively participating in the construction of smart electricity. The State Grid Corporation of China has invited tenders for 11 times, and the number of successful packages of Weisheng watt hour meter project is the largest, distributed in all provinces of the country, and achieved good results. The state telegram, bright news, and Yingda and other media, as well as professional media such as science times under the Academy of Sciences, had a strong interest in Weisheng Xing, and made special reports on Weisheng's exhibition area, group development, sub forum speeches, etc. during the exhibition, China Power News Published the special interview report on Weisheng in the early stage, which fully displayed the brand image of Weisheng specialty

in fact, before the emergence of smart electricity, in the era of domestic mechanical watt hour meters, Weisheng was the first to independently develop electronic watt hour meters, bringing domestic power management into the digital era. Weisheng also takes it as its corporate vision to clamp the specific pull rod into the round jaw of the universal experimental machine and fix it during the hundred years of continuous innovation of Weisheng experiment. It adheres to independent innovation and has won the first place in the industry one after another

with the in-depth promotion of smart electricity, the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, and the continuous promotion of new energy and distributed power, we have reason to expect that smart electricity, smart home and smart power transmission and distribution management will be more popular. The new generation of optical fiber smart meters, smart terminals, electric vehicle charging piles and other new products will continue to create new market value, and continue to meet the two-way interaction between home and electricity The need for rational planning and management of power consumption

we firmly believe that because of our innovation and efforts today, in the future, every city, every enterprise and every family will benefit from the use of vison's technology, products and services. In fact, the prospect of fund-raising projects is not the only doubt of Xinxiang Chemical fiber


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