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On the morning of November 11, Weishi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weishi energy") and Shanghai jiehydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jiehydrogen technology") held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Baoding, Hebei Province by adding a pad iron under the base to coordinate the city. The two sides will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in the hydrogen energy industry, Stick to the road of independent R & D and innovation, jointly promote the steady development of hydrogen fuel cell industry, and jointly promote the construction of a complete industrial chain of hydrogen energy. Lubingbing, general manager of Jiehe technology, Chengwei, deputy general manager, chenxuesong, President of Weishi energy, wangyabo, vice president of Weishi energy and general manager of shangran power, and Wu Bing, deputy general manager of shangran power attended the signing ceremony

according to the contents of the agreement, the two sides will establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship, give full play to their respective industrial advantages, resource advantages and R & D and innovation advantages, and carry out in-depth cooperation focusing on the research and development of fuel cell core components, research and development of hydrogen storage system core components, sharing of fuel cell testing and verification capabilities, large-scale promotion of fuel cell vehicles and technologies, and application of scientific and technological projects. At the same time, the two sides will share market opportunities and R & D achievements, jointly carry out collaborative research on projects with industrialization prospects, promote the transfer and transformation of achievements, strive to produce a number of major landmark achievements, jointly promote the localization and cost reduction of core components of fuel cell system, and jointly promote the development of fuel cell industry

lubingbing, general manager of Jiehe hydrogen technology, said that in the field of hydrogen energy, great wall and SAIC have made great investment, and the two teams have deep roots. From the perspective of domestic independent research and development, the successful cooperation between the two sides is of great significance to promote the development of domestic fuel cell vehicles, including the future planning. In the future, it is hoped that the two sides can make substantial progress in the research and development of key parts, the development of raw materials The three levels of testing and verification can share evaluation data and jointly innovate solutions. In particular, they can play a joint role in promoting standardization and standard construction and jointly promote the construction mode of industrialization system. Chenxuesong, President of Weishi energy, said that Weishi energy has the same goals and views as Jiehe technology. As one of the national brand representatives of China's automotive industry, Great Wall Motors adheres to the road of independent R & D and innovation on the basis of learning from foreign advanced technologies. Jiehe technology has a more advanced start in this regard than peer enterprises. I believe that the two sides will cooperate closely, It will become a model of cooperation between domestic independent brand car enterprises in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cell, and will certainly effectively drive the rapid development of high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as fuel cell vehicles, key parts, raw materials, hydrogen storage and transportation, accelerate the autonomous development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, and promote the progress of China's hydrogen energy industry. During the visit, chenxuesong accompanied Lu Bingbing and his delegation to visit the Great Wall hydrogen energy technology center. Lu Bingbing fully affirmed the breakthrough achievements made by Weishi energy in the field of fuel cells and key parts

as one of the important layouts of the new energy sector under great wall holdings, Weishi energy focuses on hydrogen power systems and related core components. At present, it has completed the R & D layout of fuel cell engines, on-board hydrogen systems, and core components such as stacks, membrane electrodes, high-pressure bottle valves. At the same time, on the application side, the products are applicable to commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, and will be expanded to UAV, cogeneration and other fields in the future; At the hydrogen supply end, some technical layout has been carried out. At the same time, focusing on the demonstration of commercial vehicle scenarios, the company has also closely communicated with relevant partners and is committed to building a future oriented hydrogen energy ecological smart city cluster. As an important promoter of the fuel cell industry, JHT carries SAIC's "electrification" strategy and provides fuel cell products and engineering services for the industry. At present, the company has completed the product development of multiple fuel cell stacks, systems and hydrogen storage systems. The power of fuel cell products ranges from 30kW to 130kW, and the hydrogen storage system covers the design, development and integration verification of 35MPa and 70MPa products. It has obtained more than 350 fuel cell related patents, participated in the formulation of 15 fuel cell national standards, and issued 70 fuel cell automobile enterprise standards, And the company's products have been widely used in many fields, such as passenger cars, light buses, buses and light and medium trucks

it is worth noting that the core technology of fuel cell passenger vehicles is the technology brightness of the two enterprises, which has reached 6million tons. The two sides represent the two major domestic vehicle leading enterprises. Especially on the road of adhering to independent innovation and strengthening the country, one side is the "new force" of key components of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, an independent passenger car brand, and the other side is the leader in the application field of fuel cell passenger vehicles in China. The two sides are strongly united and can expect the future


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