John Deere introduces high-quality skid steer load

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John Deere introduces high-quality sliding loaders to meet the needs of Chinese customers

John Deere introduces high-quality sliding loaders to meet the needs of Chinese customers

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in order to meet the needs of domestic customers for high-quality sliding loaders, John Deere has recently introduced two high-performance sliding loaders with models of 320e and 326e into China. The skid steer loader is favored by users for its complete functions and simple operation

the cab is sealed and pressurized as a whole, which can effectively reduce noise and prevent dust intrusion. Inflatable or mechanically suspended seat, comfortable to ride. The cab windshield has a curved surface design, which is spacious and bright. Flat and comfortable foot space. The cab adopts a transparent skylight, and the side glass has a wide view

improve operation efficiency to achieve twice the result with half the effort

John Deere skid steer loader has low center of gravity, large ground clearance, ultra long wheelbase, reasonable center of gravity distribution and very stable operation. In addition, the exclusive design of the boom with vertical lifting can significantly improve the lifting height and increase the unloading distance. It can be used freely under any operating conditions to efficiently complete various tasks with half the effort

operate between applause

320e and 326e skid steer loaders, provide a unique solution, fully hand over the initiative to the operator, who decides how to complete the task

various control options are available, including ISO, H-mode, and foot pedal/lever electrohydraulic (EH) control. The unique switchable electro-hydraulic control can also be adopted. Just press the button at any time to select any of the above control modes. And there is much more. The operating modes of the loader and other components can be independently defined by using the joystick performance pack

John Deere 320e and 326e skid steer loaders are really perfect and will satisfy all operators

various accessory connections add multiple functions

e series skid steer loaders, and can also connect various professional accessory equipment (worksitepro). The universal quick change system (Quik tatch) is used to make accessory switching convenient and fast. The standard flow auxiliary hydraulic system, including the auxiliary quick change connector of the hydraulic system, is standard

reliable and durable, unparalleled

in order to ensure the construction period, we must minimize the downtime of machine failure - our skid steer loader is based on this concept. Equipped with a large displacement diesel engine and an electronically controlled fuel injection system, it provides a guarantee for a variety of strengthening schemes that effectively improve the normal operation time of the machine

other proven differentiated durability features include: V-type supercharged cooling system with hydraulically driven variable speed fan, heavy axle, sturdy boom and its connection structure, and integrated rear bumper

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