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On November 1, Shanghai, the 18th China International Industry Expo kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As a professional event in the field of industrial automation in China, IAS has become one of the most influential exhibitions of its kind in China. This year, it has attracted more than 600 enterprises from many countries and regions in the world to participate, with an exhibition area of more than 56000 square meters. As the world's leading manufacturer of highly integrated embedded platforms and system solutions, Weisheng, with its most cutting-edge industrial concepts and the most advanced innovative technologies, made its debut this year, becoming one of the most popular exhibition areas at the exhibition

figure: the VR in the Weisheng booth of 2016 Industrial Expo is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics this year. In this Industrial Expo, via also brought the hottest and most fashionable VR equipment at present, and invited visitors to experience it on site. It can be seen from the visitors who stop at the booth one after another that they should keep clean (clean after each experiment); People pay attention to VR

when talking about VR, people first think of various VR games. However, the application of VR is not just entertainment games. In the future, VR will be widely used in many industries, such as medical treatment, education, exhibition, real estate, tourism and other industries, as well as applications closely related to industrial production. At this Industrial Expo, Weisheng not only invited the audience to experience the shocking audio-visual effects of VR on site, but also explained the future application prospects of VR in the industrial field to the audience, showing the strong charm of VR in the future to the professional visitors in the industrial field at the exhibition

figure: via industrial VR application exhibition area

in addition, via also brought many powerful solutions in the field of industrial IOT and smart city, and dynamically displayed the newly developed solutions and product series jointly launched with partners, focusing on the three levels of industrial big data, energy management and intelligent express cabinets

figure: Weisheng industrial big data exhibition area

in the industrial big data exhibition area, we see the industrial big data platform jointly launched by Weisheng and its partner Ruifu. Based on via artigo a600 and amos-3005, the platform can seamlessly integrate with various data ecosystems, directly obtain data from SCADA and DCS systems in real time, and has more than 20 classic algorithm libraries in the industrial field, which can help enterprises build professional, agile Easy to use big data analysis, mining and visual presentation platform. Integrating IOT and analysis to help enterprises add value and realize data-driven manufacturing figure: via energy management exhibition area via also launched intelligent energy management solutions for factory and building users with energy management and energy conservation and emission reduction needs, which were displayed at this Industrial Expo. Users can configure the system in floors, production lines, workshops or equipment where energy data collection and analysis are required to help users create a better intelligent energy management ecosystem, optimize the efficiency of users' energy production and distribution business, and respond to the green environmental protection action plan advocated by the government

figure: the convenience of shopping in the smart express cabinet exhibition area of via has led to an explosive growth in the demand for o2o (online to offline) delivery services. Consumers' convenient demand for pick-up services has gradually popularized smart express cabinets in China's dense cities. In order to meet the special needs of Chinese customers for intelligent express cabinets, via has launched a leading intelligent express cabinet solution. This solution is based on via artigo A830 mini system, which can realize the automatic sending and receiving, remote query and control of express packages, which is also the most important and the longest. It can cover three basic configurations of intelligent communities and enterprises, so that customers can enjoy convenient services, At the same time, the last 100 meters of logistics can be effectively solved


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