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Weisheng embedded invites you to participate in the 2013 national tour Changsha station

2013 Weisheng embedded national tour (Changsha station), which will be held in the afternoon of March 26 in Changsha Little Swan Days Hotel (No. 648, Wuyi Avenue, Furong district). Weisheng embedded is waiting for you to come

as the only Chinese enterprise in the world that has mastered the core technology of X86 processors, via electronics has been leading the development path of miniaturization, high integration and low power consumption industries; Over the years, via has become the only technology company in the world that can simultaneously provide x86, arm and 3G (CDMA) basic platform support

adhering to the long-term technical accumulation and professional R & D team of Weisheng, Weisheng embedded has also successfully defined a variety of board specifications such as mini itx and Pico itx for the industry, and many of them have become widely accepted standards by commercial and industrial system manufacturers. With the launch of new arm architecture and multi system platform solutions such as Android and VxWorks, as well as the traditional advantages in x86 architecture and Microsoft and Linux systems, via embedded is committed to providing customers with more and more vertical integration solutions for the intelligent industry and one-stop professional project customization services

during this tour in Changsha, via will mainly share the latest solutions and successful cases for rail transit, special on-board computers, medical intelligent terminals and other industrial applications. We also invite product managers with rich international experience from via headquarters to introduce the development convenience and value-added that via can bring to customers in terms of product customization and technical services. At the same time, we will also share with guests the wonderful cases of various innovative embedded applications of multi platform architecture selected by via worldwide, which is a rare opportunity

main topics of the meeting:

1) new products, new technologies and new solutions of via embedded platform (arm/VxWorks/Android)

2) solutions and case sharing of via rail transit, special on-board computers and medical intelligent terminals

3) value added of customized services of via software and hardware

this activity is free of charge. In order to thank you for your attention and support to via activities, All guests who make an appointment will be given a healthy electronic pedometer with fat test function

take part in the on-site interactive Q & A and lottery, and have more opportunities to win gifts such as via embedded USB flash disk, tools, business card holder, pocket treasure efficiency, daily lithium hydroxide production capacity of 54000 tons, and HTC new awards

if you or your colleagues are interested in participating in our tour activities, ketaspire polyether ether ketone (PEEK) has excellent strength, excellent fatigue resistance and continuous use temperature up to 240 ℃ or for further information, please contact our local channel partner, or Miss Lu () of Weisheng embedded South China, Miss Gu of the marketing department (: - 4688 ext. 6173; fax:)

congratulations! Sincerely

Weisheng embedded marketing department

march 2013

2013 unit: mm Weisheng embedded national tour (Changsha station) guest registration receipt


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