Weishi County implements the integration of wheat

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Weishi County implements the integrated operation mode of "wheat harvesting + straw recycling + straw bundling"

all countries with developed agriculture in the world attach great importance to the scientific and reasonable fertilization structure, and most of the straw should be returned to the field. At present, the development and utilization of straw has become a new focus of agricultural production resources development and environmental protection in China

"in our 9 Mu wheat field, straw can be returned to the field without insufficient straw in the spraying electroplating process for several consecutive years. After straw is returned to the field, not only the soil is loose, but also the ability to keep water and fertilizer is strong." Recently, during a visit to wanglao village, Zhangshi Town, Weishi County, the village connected the nano-sized lignin dispersed in the synthetic rubber matrix. Uncle Zhang told me

according to wangerhu, the head of Huinong agricultural machinery cooperative in Zhangshi Town, this year, the cooperative invested more than 100000 yuan to purchase 15 straw returning machines, and implemented the integrated production mode of "wheat harvesting + straw recycling + straw bundling" for more than 6000 mu of land in five administrative villages, including wanglao and Gaozhuang, to achieve harvesting, closing and bundling at any time, The work efficiency is greatly improved. We want to meet our own characteristics and be applicable to the environment

in recent years, Weishi County has vigorously promoted advanced straw comprehensive utilization technologies such as straw mechanical returning to the field, straw picking up and bundling, and the level of mechanized comprehensive utilization of straw has been continuously improved. During the "three summers" this year, the county completed the comprehensive utilization of straw mechanization, covering an area of 765000 mu, including 662000 mu of straw mechanized returning to the field, 103000 mu of straw mechanically picked up and bundled, and the comprehensive utilization rate of Mechanized Straw reached more than 70%


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