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Beijing weishixunda Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R & D, production and sales. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been committed to the development and application of hardware and software in the fields of multimedia display and creative display. It provides a complete set of solutions for projection display, intelligent centralized control, digital lamp display system, video analysis and other applications. Headquartered in Beijing and Guangzhou, the company has R & D centers, and has set up South China platform, East China platform, southwest platform, northwest platform and other branches nationwide

nowadays, with its excellent R & D system and strong technical level, the company has won unanimous praise in the industry in the fierce market competition

Mr. Mo Ping, the general manager, said that with focus, truth-seeking and innovation as the development purpose, relying on the independently developed graphics processing technology, and integrating the industry's high-end technologies and resources, with the independently developed intelligent centralized control technology as the core, NUCTECH is committed to the development and application of hardware and software in the field of multimedia display and creative display, which not only caters to the needs of market development, but also further meets the needs of industry users, This is also the fundamental reason why NUCTECH has occupied the market and won customers in a short time

Mr. Mo Ping, general manager of Beijing weishixunda Technology Co., Ltd.

has the courage to innovate and create a technologically advanced and complete product line.

as a technology-based manufacturer, weishixunda is one of the few companies with image processing core technologies independently researched and developed and with independent intellectual property rights. Its image processing, display, transmission, intelligent control and other technologies have unparalleled leading advantages in the industry

at present, NUCTECH has advanced and complete product lines, namely image processing and display system, intelligent management and control system, visionlight digital light display system and unified video management platform series

the image processing and display system ipwindows series stream media fuser integrates NUCTECH's leading patented technologies in the industry, such as multi-channel projection fusion, IP stream media encoding, decoding and acquisition, nonlinear lattice correction, and provides a highly integrated professional display processing platform for the professional display industry, better solving the problems of a large number of display processing equipment and long signal transmission in the video system integration scheme. In addition, The powerful video signal fusion processing, parallel processing of multi-channel signal encoding and decoding acquisition, display image deformation and other functions of this series of products provide the latest solutions for creating a perfect multimedia video system

intelligent management and control system sac time axis management system is a new intelligent control platform launched by NUCTECH. Sac uses sac manag to integrate ER interface and logic programming environment. The program is simple and practical, supports a variety of protocols, and has good management advantages mainly for large exhibition halls. Through this management method, when the library opens every morning, we don't need to run around. We can directly turn on all devices with one key and play all video content with one key. The same is true after work. Turn off all devices with one click of sac. Enter the sac management interface through the network. This series of operations can be carried out under the office, saving time and manpower

visionlight digital light display system visionlight DL series digital projection lights can show a real dark field effect on a black background. With a contrast ratio of 2000:1, it can flexibly display images in any shape or on any object surface (ceiling, floor, screen, etc.) or move images to any place of use. The dynamic moving image function provides a greater creative space for more creative and unique display and display

the unified video management platform globalvision is a unified video management platform that integrates IP code stream encoding and decoding, IP code stream interaction and sharing, multi screen display, image special effect processing, and frame synchronization technologies through four years of research and development. It can provide high-definition video conference, video monitoring, emergency command, digital radio and television, live broadcast, VOD on demand, TV mail, personalized recording (PVR), internal channel, intelligent video broadcast control, information release, etc

Mr. Mo Ping said that the full range of products of NUCTECH smart can be simply applied to independent systems, and can be comprehensively applied in large systems. The product layout can not only meet individual applications, but also cooperate with each other to undertake the main structure of large application systems

as for the R & D plan of new products in the future, Mr. Mo Ping said that NUCTECH also needs to further improve its scientific and technological capabilities in product innovation and application development, develop its strengths and circumvent its weaknesses, continuously strengthen its investment in technology and R & D, and provide users with better products and services. To expand market share, in addition to the existing market, we will continue to strengthen the development of new markets to meet the market needs of different levels and scales

dare to be the first in the world to accurately grasp the industry demand

throughout 2012, the product sales of Verizon were still very good, maintaining a growth rate of more than 30%

Mr. Mo Ping said that the reason why the product sales of NUCTECH can maintain such a growth momentum is that NUCTECH really pays attention to and grasps the needs of industry users. Just as the product positioning of Vista advocates, it has changed the traditional transmission mode and management mode, and continuously solved the needs of users for use, maintenance, upgrading and expansion. In addition, with the integrity of the product line and the leading technology, Vista has an unparalleled application advantage

at the interview, Mr. Mo Ping played back the classic industry solutions created by the series of products of NUCTECH. The excellent visual effects created for museums, science and technology museums, planning museums, planetariums, various exhibition halls, exhibition halls, command and monitoring centers, conference rooms, artistic performances, theme activities, entertainment venues, etc. not only show the exquisite technical strength of Vista, but also further reflect the market position of Vista in the field of multimedia communication

for example, in order to meet the application needs of media streaming in the professional display industry, NUCTECH has created a series of streaming media solutions, which not only meet the technical development needs, but also lead the development trend of applications in the professional display industry; According to the needs of modern monitoring, command and dispatching centers, the IP video solution created by NUCTECH has not only realized the remote transmission and sharing of video monitoring images and various signals, but also become the mainstream application mode in the field of digital video monitoring

according to CCID data, with the acceleration of the three convergence process and the arrival of the quasi 4G era, video communication systems in government, financial, power and other industry markets are upgrading to HD. At the same time, video terminals are also rapidly expanding to the grass-roots organizations of enterprises and governments, and the industry applications based on the video communication system platform are undergoing a split. It is expected that in 2013, the differences in application characteristics of various industries will become more and more significant. Therefore, it will become more and more important to provide targeted solutions for different industries. The industry and professionalism of solutions may become the key competitiveness of the market

facing the market demand, Mr. Mo Ping said that NUCTECH has been committed to developing applications, innovations and extensions in various display and control fields, and can customize application solutions in different fields according to customer needs. Its products not only improve the level of communication and cooperation, but also help industrial users improve their operation efficiency and achieve a substantial increase in profits. This value has been gradually recognized by more and more industrial users. Becoming an excellent solution provider of image and intelligent control systems in China has become the company's unswerving development direction

we have reason to believe that with its strong technical strength and high-quality and efficient services, the future of NUCTECH will go more smoothly. The distinction between electronic universal experimental machines and similar products will not only have an advantage in price, but also NUCTECH will have a better future, and NUCTECH will also be more outstanding in the integration of domestic and international multimedia industries


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