John Deere excavator helps Hunan customers build t

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John Deere excavator helps Hunan customers build "three Xiang and four waterways"

John Deere excavator helps Hunan customers build "three Xiang and four waterways"

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Hunan is located in the south of Dongting Lake, so it is called Hunan. Here is rich in resources. The terrain is not only the wetland of Dongting Lake in the north, but also the plain in the middle, and the karst landform in the West. The excavator construction in Hunan Province must have excellent quality to deal with such a complex and changeable working environment

at numerous construction sites in Hunan Province, one set of bright johndier excavators are carrying out construction work nervously. The "deer" with black big arm and bright yellow body are particularly dazzling. Their powerful actions are praised by employers and operators...

high efficiency and low consumption have won customers' recognition.

Li Nianbo, born in 1983, is a rare post-80s generation in the local construction machinery industry. Although he is young, It is one of the few bosses with large-scale excavation machinery in Changsha. He entered the construction machinery industry in 2004 and has developed for 15 years. His company has become one of the largest construction machinery leasing enterprises in the region

as the state pays more and more attention to environmental protection, Changsha has banned the construction of non road construction machinery with emissions below national level III in the urban area. For this reason, in April this year, Li Nianbo replaced the excavator in his hand and purchased a John Deere E210 standard excavator. "From the perspective of safety, all the equipment I bought were first-hand foreign brand equipment. After investigation, I found that John Deere is an international brand. The steel used for the equipment is thick and durable. When the excavator works, the body is very stable. It is not only fast, efficient, but also fuel-efficient..."

Li Nianbo's E210 standard excavator mainly does earthwork in the local area, His main concern is that the equipment excavation and loading efficiency and fuel consumption table are not recommended to be used in the external wall insulation system. After several months' comparison of loading efficiency and fuel consumption, he said with satisfaction: "it is very correct to choose johndier. The E210 standard excavator is very fast and fuel-efficient. The loading volume counted on the construction site every day is among the best!" According to him, the performance of John Deere E210 standard edition has been very good in recent months. The fuel consumption per hour for earthwork is about 8L. Compared with other foreign brand equipment of the same tonnage in his hand, he needs to save fuel every hour. He calculated the account: Based on the local fuel oil of 6.5 yuan per liter, the equipment has worked for 1000 hours, and the accumulated fuel cost has been saved by nearly 36000 yuan, which is equivalent to a disguised increase in revenue

during the use, Li Nianbo was very satisfied with the high efficiency and low fuel consumption of E210 Standard Version, and really experienced the value for money of Deere excavator. Li Nianbo said that the attendance rate of his E210 standard excavator at the construction site was 100%. Since he bought it, it has been "zero fault". John Deere's service personnel maintained the excavator in time. The sales staff often asked about the use of the machine. He felt that the equipment was very easy to use, and Deere's service was very considerate

timely and effective after-sales service moved customers

boss Lidong from Chenzhou, Hunan owns a John Deere e360lc excavator. In his opinion, we should consider comprehensively when buying excavators. We should not only look at the price or the outstanding advantages in one aspect, but ignore the shortcomings in other aspects. He thinks John Deere's products are excellent in terms of quality, efficiency and durability, especially Deere's considerate after-sales service makes him feel very secure

Lidong frankly said that his long-term projects include not only building infrastructure construction of real estate, but also sand and stone mining, which requires strong and anti manufacturing products. After all, in mine construction, it is necessary to consider whether the excavator is solid, durable and stable. He said that John Deere was the first brand that all structural parts were made of Q345D low alloy high strength steel. The yield strength and tensile strength of structural parts were very good and very safe, which was also an important reason why he chose Deere excavator. In addition, to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, professional maintenance is indispensable. John Deere not only regularly arranges the technical team to provide regular inspection and maintenance services for customers, but also provides effective solutions to special problems encountered by customers. Lidong told him something that moved him very much

at 23 p.m. one day in May this year, boss Lidong reported to John Deere's after-sales service personnel for repair, saying that his e360lc excavator gave an alarm. After putting it down, John Deere's service personnel rushed to the equipment site in spite of their hard work. After careful troubleshooting, the service personnel found the cause of the fault: due to the fuel quality problem, the equipment was overloaded with carbon and blocked the sensor, which caused the equipment alarm, and the EGR temperature sensor needs to be replaced. According to Lidong's recollection, the service engineer didn't have ready-made parts, so he called Hunan John Deere spare parts center and asked them to deliver the parts to the construction site overnight. Then, after a one night relay struggle by John Deere's service personnel, his excavator was properly repaired before the construction started at 6 a.m. the next morning, and the construction progress of the construction party was not delayed due to equipment failure. Li Dong feels a lot about such cases. Lidong was very moved by the timely and effective service provided by John Deere's service personnel. He said: "John Deere's service personnel are serious and responsible for their work, meticulous, and always put the interests of customers first. Due to their rapid response, the downtime of my equipment has been greatly reduced, so that the overall construction of the site has been guaranteed and losses have been effectively avoided. I give them some praise!"

facing the increasingly severe environmental protection policies of the country, Li Nianbo said that he would gradually eliminate the national second-class equipment in his hands and give priority to the John Deere brand when buying new machines. Lidong also confided that many people may not know the brand of John Deere. He is willing to act as an "image ambassador" to let more friends buy worry free and reassuring high-quality excavators


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