Weisheng embedded industrial personal computer

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Via embedded builds a caring industrial computer

intelligent era. Computers are needed in all fields. As a manufacturing enterprise, industry needs computer automation to improve production quality and accuracy. Due to the problems of factory production environment, the power consumption, volume and stability of industrial computers have been difficult to solve

in order to cope with intensive production, via needs to support a variety of drivers and complex network environment. It has customized a variety of overall solutions that provide a combination of terminal hardware and management software. The introduction of EPIA series motherboards makes the machine warm up for 20 30min, which is a very important one

as early as july1999, via signed an agreement with national semiconductor to acquire Cyrix's PC processor production department. In August, 1999, via acquired IDT and entered the CPU market. After the non-public enterprises that contribute more than 60% of GDP have obtained many proprietary technologies and the blowing film machine is widely used in various industries, the company is dedicated to developing thin client technology and embedded products. The company has the strength to design and produce enterprise level processes and technologies with strong customization. At present, it has grown into an industry technology development leader in embedded products and thin clients

with EPIA series motherboards as a part of strategic deployment, via has started research and development as early as the beginning of the 21st century. At present, there are many models in EPIA series, all of which have the characteristics of small volume, low power consumption and high stability. To some extent, the embedded motherboard of via has become a synonym of the industry. Weisheng's products have been actively developed in finance, telecommunications, taxation, power, transportation, customs, education and other industries and relevant government agencies, and have been highly recognized and trusted by customers

embedded computers will provide a variety of working modes for the large-scale infrastructure construction in China. The thin client based on Weisheng embedded architecture can work like a typical terminal, allowing applications to run on the server; It can also run applications on embedded network computers like a "stand-alone" PC. The extremely low heat output, noise, power consumption, stability, and ultra-small size of the EPIA series have enabled via EPIA to find its own position in many fields


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