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Weisheng embedded motherboard vb7009 is applied to high-end POS machines

with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous and rapid growth of modern industries, the POS machine market is in a period of rapid growth, such as the growing demand for the development of supermarkets, catering and entertainment, banking, enterprises, retail and commercial self-service industries. POS machines have broad development space. Its rapid development has attracted much attention. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market and people's higher and higher requirements for POS machines, more and more new technologies are continuously integrated into POS, promoting the development of POS machines to high-end and diversified functions. High end POS machines, while ensuring high availability, can use advanced technologies such as multimedia processing, multi task processing, complex computing and video processing to realize high-end applications in large supermarkets, high-end businesses and retail industries. While the cashier operates the main screen cashier, the customer can enjoy the vivid one-to-one multimedia advertisement while waiting, stimulating the customer's desire to buy in an instant. The sub screen can also be used as a customer display screen to display the name, unit price or total price of goods purchased by customers while playing dynamic and static advertisements

the high-end POS system has high requirements for the core embedded motherboard, such as 2-way display output, video playback, high performance and low power consumption, easy to connect peripherals, etc. The embedded motherboard vb7009 launched by via electronics supports VGA and LVDS dual screen display and video output, supports 1080p HD video decoding hardware acceleration, and has a variety of interfaces, such as serial port, parallel port, PCI, etc., which well meets the requirements of high-end POS systems for motherboards and is widely welcomed by POS manufacturers

via vb7009 Mini itx motherboard is a miniaturized embedded motherboard designed for POS machines and self-service terminals. The motherboard has a variety of processors to choose from, from fanless 1.0ghz via C7 processor to more powerful 1.6GHz via C7 -d processor and 1.2Ghz dual core via nano 8482; X2 processors are available. Weisheng vb7009 motherboard is widely used to meet the needs of various embedded computing

via vb7009 motherboard is equipped with via vx900 MSP media system chipset. The chipset adopts via chromotionhd 2.0 video processor and has advanced filtering and trimming post-processing functions, so as to show MPEG-2, vc-1, wmv9 and H.264 video content and provide rich digital media performance

via vb7009 motherboard can support up to 4GB DDR3 system memory and SATA II storage devices. High broadband connection is realized through the dual RJ45 ports on the spring tester structure and daily maintenance of the board supporting Gigabit Ethernet. The motherboard has four USB 2.0 ports, and another four USB 2.0 ports are provided through the on-board pin arrangement

via vb7009 motherboard is fully compatible with Microsoft operating system and various Linux operating systems, and can be used in various configurations

about the key features of via vb7009


1) integrated via chrome9 HD DX9 3d/2d graphics core, supporting MPEG-2 Wmv9 and H.264 format decoding acceleration

2) support up to 4GB of DDR3 1066 DIMM memory

3) support 2 SATA hard disk drives

4) support 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

5 portal steel scaffolding JG 13 ⑴ 999) support 1 VGA interface to continuously monitor

6) support 8 high-speed USB 2.0 interfaces

7) support 6 onboard COM interfaces

8) support onboard dual channel LVDS interfaces

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